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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 31, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, we've been searching the web and we have the best videos of the day "right this minute". a pilot faces a worse-case scenario after the engine cuts out. >> now he's got to land this thing. >> the view from the cockpit as he braces for impact. >> if it had not been for the good samaritan outside that elevator -- >> fluffy would have been gone. >> how a pug came within a hair of disaster. >> remember that mercedes crushed by a bulldozer, well -- >> i have an update for you all.
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>> the crews that led us to the real story. >> plus an irishman's stunt turns into a one-two punch. and what happens when a guy in a river heads straight for a tree? >> look what he's able to do with this boat. i think probably the worst sound you could hear as a pilot behind the controls of a plane is the sound of your engine turning off. that's what happened to this guy in brazil. he's in a small cessna plane. now he has to land this thing. all you're hearing is the air rushing past this plane as he's trying to look for a nice place to land. he gets closer to the ground. people on youtube asked him why he didn't choose to land on the road. this was a small tree that was next to one of the roads. he didn't want to take out one of his wings. here he is setting things down in the field.
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>> smooth. >> perfect. what's the problem? >> it looks like he's done this before. grabs on to the dash. as he's landing, yeah, thumbs up. >> look who he gives the thumbs up to, a student. he's an instructor. this was during a lesson. imagine this. here is a student. this is your flying lesson. he said he high-fived the student because the student remained calm. tried to help as best he could. also he was instrumental in landing. so maybe an impromptu lesson on how to land your plane if the engine fails. >> i would rather figure it out with the pilot in the set next to me than on my own. >> i'd rather figure it out on a simulator. ♪ >> a cute little pug owes his life to a question-thinking
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bystander. check this video out. security cameras outside some elevators. you can see the woman walk into the elevator with her pug. before the doors close, the pug runs out. there he goes. >> oh. >> the pug starts to rise up with the elevator. the guy standing there in the hooded shirt is able to unleash thing because before he gets strangled. >> good thing that guy was there. what if he wasn't there? >> fluffy would have been gone. >> just a quick-thinking rescue. at first it doesn't look like the guy is considering that that could happen. he's pushing the button on the wall thinking the doors will open back up. no. instantly the dog is off his feet. >> did he pull the leash out of the elevator or unhooked it from the harness? >> it's hard to tell. it looks like either the leash broke or he was able to unhook it. in any way, there was no pressure put on the dog's
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throat, other than just being pulled up. >> i bet that lady was freaking out. could you imagine her ride up? >> the longest elevator ride of her life. >> i have to warn you, the video we're about to watch is very shocking and very difficult to wat watch, but the story behind it is even more shocking. this is outside the home that's a construction for this businessman that you see getting out of the car. that's oscar alberto ponyo. he's an argentinean businessman. at that time you see him walking around the car. a couple of men in a motorcycle walk up. before you know, it one of them points his gun. the gun malfunctions, but there is a second hitman on that motorcycle. he comes up, they're both shooting at him. he falls to the ground. one of the hitman takes out a knife and stabs him, leaving him
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laying on the ground. believing that he is dead. the hitmen get back on their motorcycle, they drive away. a few minutes later you see two workers from this home come out. they end up calling the ambulance and emergency services that do take the business man to the hospital. believe it or not, he survived this attack. the investigation reveals that this hit had been ordered by a police officer in that city. apparently the whole thing was because of a business deal between this businessman and the police officer that ended up going bad. there was a judicial case, believe that's what made the police officer order the hit against the dizzinessman. doct businessman. yesterday he did end up
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suffering a heart attack, and he passed away. >> that's scary. >> earlier this week i brought you guys this video. you remember? we see an excavator just bulldoze over a white mercedes, behind what looks like a man being interviewed. reports said that excavator was being driven by an employee who had a beef with his boss. apparently that mercedes was the boss's car. remember this story? >> yeah. it's fake, right? >> i do have an update for you all. this is fake. this was a viral video marketing campaign for an insurance agency in switzerland called alliance 24. they put this together. >> it's all part of a campaign. >> did we all fall for it? >> i think we kind of had some suspicions. >> it's so nicely shot.
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it's not like i'm watching a movie. >> you're right. it was very well set up. to show you how well set up it was, we foun athe scenes video. one of the coolest parts of this campaign, they hollowed out the mercedes before they did the crush, crush part. >> it did fold quickly. when i watched it i was like where did the engine go? >> it was like an empty tin can. >> after the car was crunched they put it in a city swear qua switzerland. we want to know what you think go to our facebook page, fashou the construction site pay, or the owner of the mercedes.
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a young couple got a camera stolen -- >> nine years ago. >> but the team who took the foetd photo never got to see it. >> see how it wound up on facebook. . and some spectators get a thrill from an ice river. >> the ice was like you want a show? yq yq
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check out, great videos all day long. enjoy. ♪ >> look at that. look at that. >> it got exciting at a river in alaska when residents were there to watch the river break up the ice, and break it up it did. you can see here the river is flowing, the ice is breaking up, but it's coming ashore. that quickly got people on the
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move when it got closer. >> it's a huge chunk of ice. >> there are huge chunks of ice. they say some of the chunks of ice were so big, they were as big as a house. >> ythey were like, you know, w need to back this thing up a bit. it got 50 vertical feet from the river. >> you probably never think you have to run away from ice. >> they say where this happened they usually come out and watch the spring thaw happen. this time the ice was like you want a show? they got a show. >> here you can see all the ice and it's moving downriver. think about it. they said the river swallows the ice or sometimes it pukes it
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out. >> pretty amazing to see that ice moving. look at that chunk of ice. >> i feel like i want to get on one and ride it down the river. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> you can ice saddle. >> social media to the rescue. take a look at this photograph. it was actually taken nine years ago. the people that took the photo never got to see it. they had their car broken into, things were stolen out of it including an entire role of film. the owner said we'll never get to see those pictures again. guess what? this woman helen ended up having car double on her way to a campicamp ing trip. they pulled over to the side of the road, saw this undeveloped roll of film, developed it, then
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posted the pictures on facebook. that's how she was able to reconnect photos of this newborn baby girl and her family again. >> wow, the internet, man. >> floored. >> if they never saw the pictures, how do they know? you look at that one dude's shirt, the blue and white shirt. you see that, you know there's a match. >> some photos were of the baby, but there were photos in there with her dad, the dog. there were enough recognizable elements. >> i can't believe the film was still able to be developed. >> that's a lot of work for a stranger to go to. try to get these photos back to somebody. good deed. >> good thing that dude is wearing the pineapple shirt that day.
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day. >> this video totally speaks for itself. got a guy on a kohler coaster, a cam wheera in his face -- >> that didn't take long at all. i feel bad for everyone around him. you know that stuff is flying the space. >> i don't know if that's a successful roller coaster ride. >> i give him credit for trying to keep it in. >> why hit record if you know things are going come up? >> he would know people like us would want to see it. if you want to see this guy puke all over himself, go to and click on
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best of rrtm. >> some guys go fishing for sharks. >> they're counting their lucky stars they're in this cage. >> see how these great whites put up a tug of war fight. >> and a girl busts through a door to win a skcavenger hunt. the moment she reali
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two couples, it's guys against girls doing a scavenger hunt. whoever loses buys dinner. for one girl it did not end 9 way she thought it might. >> ow! >> explain what happened here. >> this woman said her boyfriend and her best friend's boyfriend said let's do a scavenger hunt around philly. whoever wins buys dinner. she's so competitive when she gets back to the hotel room, she finds out it wasn't a scavenger hunt at all. he drops down on one knee, breaks out a ring. it was a proposal, not a scavenger hunt. >> why he is in a banana suit. i'm sure it's a joke between
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them. watch the rest of the proposapr. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> interesting choice of wardrobe. >> had everybody laughing. >> as weird as this is, she seems happy. >> yeah. >> so yea -- >> we have never seen a proposal like this on "right this minute minute". >> nemo the lab playing with hai hail. >> get it, nemo. get it. good boy, nemo. >> underwater footage from inside one of these cages, these guys, they are here to see some
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giant great whites. you can see they're baiting the water off the side of this boat. these guys are about to get incredible footage. they're counting their lucky stars they're in this cage. believe me. >> those bars are not close enough. >> you see the fin above the surface. the camera goes below to see who the fin belongs to. a giant. look at this. >> oh, yeah, he's big. >> that's a big fish. you can see him a foot away from this camera lens. >> what's cool is what they're usinto bait theseks are connected to a line so she's sharks are in a tug of war against the line. he gets face to face with the guy. can i get in there? there's one part where it looks like a dog playing tug of war with a chew toy.
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you can see the shark's head out of the water trying to take this thing away. you can see it's connected. look at that shot. incredible video. >> you're right, it's like a pit bull grabbing on a rope toy. >> exactly. >> that thing is out of the water, shaking its head back and forth. these guys got lucky. >> the joys of having siblings. they're there for support. to have fun with. you play with them. and then there are the siblings that play tricks on you like they're supposed to. this one, they're in their home in belgium. they think it's a boy. opens the door to the bedroom. you see posters. you know, desks and stuff. walks in carefully. it looks like he's holding a brush of some sort. >> is it a toilet brush? >> not a toilet brush. his sister with her headphones
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on is diligently studying. probably has a test or something. >> ah! >> ah! >> ah! >> she just said to him i'm so mad at you, dummy. >> are you sure that's not a toilet brush? >> it looks like something you clean some dirty stuff with. >> it looks like a european toilet brush. >> i think that's maybe why she's so upset. >> it looks like a duster. >> might be. >> it's something you clean something with. >> ah! >> what made it worse is that he kept screaming when she was screaming. >> ah! >> ah! >> he got a good smack, but -- but, you know, he deserved it this is the life of siblings. >> yep. it's jet skiing meets ice skating. >> up and over the massive chunks of ice in the river. >> see how these dudes prove jet
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it's springtime at the safari park in denmark, so the animals are getting frisky like these two giraff. the male, standing behind the female. making his move, oops, falls on his booty. >> that's a terrible moment in hook-up history there. ♪
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you know what she's saying? hey, baby, it happens to everybody. it's okay. get back up. you can tell the moment's gone now. they lost the spark after that. how do you recoup from that as a dude? >> oh. >> being laughed at in your moments of manhood? >> yeah. hang your head, mr. giraffe. feel bad for you, buddy. >> this video has all the elements that tells us something bad is about to happen. one, a day is shirtless in a bar, two, it's in the afternoon, which makes it worse, three, they're in amsterdam. he is being encouraged to do a hand stand, chuck a point.
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long haired dude is up to the challenge. here he goes, up against the wall. gets a few sips before he has to spit it out. >> how do you drink that upside down? >> up his nose or down his nose. who knows if he stood up too fast, or if the beer went nose. he falls back. the video cuts out after that. not sure if he knocked himself out, but he spilled his beer! >> those minnesotans can't wait until the summer, because they ride their skis on the ice. the jet skis up and over the massive chunks of ice. >> why wait if you can use the
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ice as obstacles. >> i guess that's the point because they seem not to care one bit. up and over the snowy banks. >> wind, snow, ice and water. >> looks like a ton of fun, too, in these narrow channels, dodging ice chunks. >> makes it like an obstacle course. >> jake and nick are the guys in the boat. jake builds mud motors so the engines don't get clogged up. look at size of this tree and what he can do with this boat. >> totally rammed it. >> that's it for us here on [ male announcer ] a north atlantic lobster tail
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